Once your business is Powered By Drop Locker, you get to choose which products you want to offer to your customers.

The Drop Locker platform has many modules that are fully configurable to meet your business needs. From service times, to pricing, to upcharges, you get to run your business the way you want to.

Currently Available Modules:
Dry Cleaning Our dry cleaning module enables your customer to drop off their dry cleaning with you and powers the whole cleaning process. You can process the clothes yourself or send them out to a wholesaler. You set your pricing, service times and policies to work best for your business and your customers.
Wash & Fold With our wash & fold module, you can select what options to offer your customers (wash temperatures, detergents, fabric softeners, etc... Charge for these options and manage your production process to ensure accurate billing and full accountability. Want to outsource the production, no problem. With our wash & fold module your supplier just needs and internet connection and production will run like you are doing it yourself.
Package Delivery We all know what it's like to wait at home for a package to arrive. With the Drop Locker solution, your customers ship their packages to you and you deliver them to the locker, ready for them to pickup at their convenience.
Shoe Shine / Repair Want to offer shoe shines and repairs? Our shoe module offers full traceability of each shoe and accurate billing.
Clothing Storage Seasons change and we don't all have walk-in closets. With out clothing storage module, customer can drop off their clothes in a locker and you can store them at your facility, barcoded, categorized and easy to retrieve. This is a great way to get additional dry cleaning revenue as most customers want their clothes cleaned before they have them returned.
Wholesale Processing Do you have excess production capacity and want to provide wholesale services. The software can manage all aspects of running a wholesale cleaning operation.
Coming Soon:
Advanced Alterations
Restoration Cleaning
Supermarket Shopping

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